From Bill Conlin of the Philadelphia Daily News:

Placido Polanco . . . Jimmy Rollins . . . Chase Utley . . . Ryan Howard . . .

Say hello to what is potentially the greatest all-around infield of a modern era that began in 1947 when Jack Roosevelt Robinson kicked down the door that had barred players of color from the major leagues.

I remember watching an infield of Tony Perez (HOF), Joe Morgan (HOF), Dave Concepcion (borderline HOF), and Pete Rose (should be in the HOF). They weren’t bad.

The Big Red Machine is not even mentioned in the article

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Update: A couple of us got the same reponse from Mr. Conlin:

    “2009 Phillies of Feliz, Rollins, Utley and Howard 109 homers. 1975 BRM of Rose, Concepcion,, Morgan and Perez 65. A rout. RBIs. Phils quartet 393, Reds 334. A rout. Concepcion 27 errors, Rollins 6. A rout. Runs scored: Phils 379, BRM infield 355. Phils infield errors 47, BRM 58. Anything else. And don’t tell me “World Series title.” That was not question. Best infield was the question and the numbers are the numbers.”

And people wonder why newspapers are dying?

UPDATE 2: Got another note from Mr. Conlin:

    I covered Rose, Morgan and Perez when they were with the Phillies, know them well, and don’t really care what you post on your blog. I write a commentary column and it attracted an enormous response. That’s the coin of my realm and why I’m still drawing a paycheck 11 years past age 65. Thanks for helping to keep me in the game.

The words “pompous ass” come immediately to mind.