Lots of more information floating about the Reds floating around the Internet…

As Doug Gray mentions on his website, Baseball Prospectus has the Reds’ farm system 9th in baseball. The BP site says that Aroldis Chapman‘s addition to the organization raised the team from the second half of the group (16th to 30th) all the way to 9th. The site also says that Mike Leake could move quickly and that much of their top talent lies near the top of the organization.

As for next year? BP says it depends on whether Leake, Todd Frazier, Chris Heisey, and Travis Wood (with “a few” others) move up to the Reds, as well as Chapman. If they all advance, and I think they will, the organizational ranking will drop back.

BP also discusses the Reds’ nine-year consecutive losing streak and suggests that a change in managers may be necessary. They link to both pitching concerns as well as playing young position players, too. The pitching concerns have been discussed a lot, but position players aren’t often discussed.

ESPN.com’s Rob Neyer discusses Nomar Garciaparra and reminds us all not to jump to conclusions about future stardom. It kind of reminds me of Barry Larkin‘s Hall of Fame status. How many of the current shortstops that others said would outshine Larkin in the Hall of Fame vote played shortstop their entire careers (Garciaparra, Alex Rodriguez for example)? Shouldn’t Larkin get bonus points for staying at the tougher position rather than people ragging on him for being injury prone?

Neyer also compares early reports on Aroldis Chapman to comments about other great fireballing lefties in their early days.

And, (I feel like Rob Neyer’s publicist, but, hey, we’re in the news), Neyer also reports that Juan Francisco is featured on a baseball card titled “Reds Heavy Artillery” with Joey Votto and Jay Bruce. He gives some history behind the “heavy artillery” card program, but doesn’t it seem that Francisco should be a sure bet to make the 2010 Reds team before producing such a card?

The Hardball Times has also published “The Philosophy of Batting Leadoff” which many of us may find interesting…someone may want to forward it to Dusty Baker.

Oh, the Minnesota Twins need a closer; don’t the Tigers need one, too?

And, finally, here’s a Reds’ team analysis from the viewpoint of a Pittsburgh Pirates blog. I do think it’s always good to see what the other guys are saying.