Today’s links sent from the home office in Wahoo, Nebraska…

–Mark Sheldon discusses Jay Bruce’s torrid start at the plate, as well as the rough outings by Aaron Harang and Matt Maloney.

–Yes, Fay, the buzz is growing for Aroldis Chapman. It excites me and scares me at the same time, especially when Walt Jocketty concedes that it would be difficult to leave Chapman off the roster if he had to decide today. (He also notes, however, that they are being cautious not to let a handful of outings sway their decision.)

–Bill and I just wrapped on the next episode of Redleg Nation Radio (to be posted soon!), and one of the guys we talked about as having an outside chance at making the roster was Enerio Del Rosario. Sheldon profiles him here. Interesting story.

–If you aren’t reading Doug Gray’s site every day, you should be. Here are his news and notes for today, with more linky goodness, including a ranking of the Reds farm system as 9th in the majors.

Quotes from Harang on his first spring start yesterday. It didn’t go very well, but he’s not concerned.

–Bill Bray’s first session against hitters reportedly went well. Bray is scheduled to be injured again very soon, however. Poor guy is more injury-prone than anyone I’ve ever seen.

Musings by Dusty Baker.

–I really hope the Bengals don’t sign Terrell Owens. What a waste of time that would be.