Our baby’s all growns up*, says Paul Daugherty. He’s speaking of Homer Bailey, and it’s practically the first time I’ve ever agreed with anything written in a Daugherty column.

Now, if this guy ever matures, we will have something on our hands.

*If you don’t know what “our baby’s all growns up” means, then I’m disappointed in you. It’s from one of the finest movies of my generation (it’s funny, but the language is a bit indelicate at that link, so beware).

11 Responses

  1. Bill Lack

    You have to like an article where there is a Robert Earl Keen quote at the end….

    • Chad Dotson

      REK is a songwriting genius…but I have no idea what movie this is.

      I’m so disappointed in you, Bill. 🙁

  2. RiverCity Redleg

    One of several Vince Vaughn / Jon Favreau collaborations.

  3. BJ Ruble

    I was asked by another fan at the Caravan stop in Louisville how I thought Bailey was going to do this year. I said a monster year. I really think he has “got it” now. By that I think he is putting it altogether now. That last two months, he didn’t just face the Pirates either, he faced some good teams and did very well. I expect big things from him this year.

  4. Steve Price

    Big year for Homer…this year; I think I predicted in an earlier thread 15 wins and a 4 ERA…with a chance for 18 wins and a 3.25 to 3.50 ERA

  5. earl

    “Absolutely. As much as anybody. Myself, Johnny, Jay (Bruce). No excuses anymore. It’s time.’’

    I really like seeing this quote from Homer Bailey. Hopefully all of them are ready and come through big time.

  6. TC

    Bill! Wow! The movie truly sucks. But it’s got Heather Graham, and she’s as a magician. Not too shabby. Worth a watch perhaps.

    Honestly though Chad, I didn’t know what you were talking about until I clicked the link.