Today, one of my favorite baseball quotes of all-time, courtesy of former Reds relief pitcher Jim Kern. Kern is reported by Sports Illustrated (April 9, 1979) as having made this statement while pitching for the Rangers, recalling a moment when he was removed for a reliever.

“I told him I wasn’t tired. He told me, ‘No, but the outfielders sure are.” – Jim Kern

Kern played most of the 1982 season for the Reds, before being traded to the White Sox. Kern was 3-5 with a 2.84 ERA over 50 games.

Quote found in Paul Dickson’s book “Baseball’s Greatest Quotations.”

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  1. Bill Lack

    Most interesting thing about Kern was that he came over in the deal that sent George Foster to the Mets…and he had to shave his beard off (I believe) when he came to the Reds.

  2. Steve Price

    That’s what I remember, too, but couldn’t find supporting info.

    This quote kind of reminds when Tom Browning was trying his last comeback with the Reds. He didn’t have a lot of velocity or movement and the line drives off the bats seemed to be coming at a higher rate of speed than the pitches.

    Marty Brennaman said something like this on the radio:

    “I hope the married men are in the dugout right now.”

  3. pinson343

    1982, what a horrible year. The worst record in baseball, after we had the best (but no playoff appearence) in 1981. The whole OF left for NYC after the 1981 season (Foster, Griffey, Collins). Concepcion and Bench were all that was left from the Great 8, and Bench was now out of position, a 3rd baseman with no range. Seaver had a bad arm, it was very ugly.

  4. Fred Norman

    Hello. My first post. My first memory was the 1970 World Series and have been a Reds’ fan since though it gets tougher with each passing year. Anyway, I read this site as often as possible and thought I could assist with this a bit. Both Jim Kern and Greg Harris showed up to Spring Training with facial hair though both shaved without any major qualms. As the season headed south, Chief Bender made a comment that Cedeno, Bench and Kern were major factors. Kern got upset and said “If it means a fight, it’ll be a fight” and in defiance that is when he decided to grow a beard again. This was in August, the same month he was traded. Marvin Miller was quoted as saying “This kind of thinking from Wagner and Howsam is from the 1400s and I think both were alive then.”