I know, I know…we really don’t need to get so excited. I can’t help it. Sorry.

This scouting report is from ESPN’s Keith Law. Go here to read the entire thing (it’s worth your time). An excerpt:

I got my first live look at Aroldis Chapman on Monday in a game in Goodyear, Ariz., that was attended by a few hundred other people — probably not what the city of Goodyear had in mind when they paid for the stadium — and I have a two-word scouting report: That’ll work. (snip)

In terms of mechanics, Chapman takes an enormous stride toward the plate and pronates his arm reasonably early; the arm path isn’t long and there’s no violence or other major red flags in the delivery. If he stays healthy, he’s a No. 1 starter, and should be able to come north with the Reds in some role this year if they want him on the big league roster.

That’ll work.

UPDATE: I didn’t realize that the full article was subscription-required. Personally, I think the Insider subscription is worth the money, but many, many people disagree with me. Either way…what about that Aroldis Chapman?