We’ve been salivating over the young pitching talent in this organization lately, and there’s more to drool over today. John Fay writes about Travis Wood and Mike Leake here (we linked it earlier, but C. Trent’s piece on the same subject is excellent reading as well). Meanwhile, over at Redlegs Baseball there is this in-depth look at Leake; good stuff.

Finally, you don’t want to miss this scouting report on Aroldis Chapman. It’s written by….wait for it….a scout! He seems to be as impressed as we are:

Let’s look at the big picture, though. Chapman, at 100 percent effort, could be a starting pitcher with a 94-98 mph fastball, a plus slider in the upper-80s, and a plus changeup in the low-80s. With that type of repertoire, his tall frame, and his handedness, there is almost no precedent. Is he raw? Most definitely. Given his inconsistencies could he flame out? Yes. But, this is the type of talent you invest your money in, because it just does not come along often.

You can’t see the smile on my face but, trust me, it’s there.