The National Baseball HOF and Museum decided to run a tournament/poll (via Facebook) to determine the all-time greatest baseball team.

They picked their field based on wins, with runs scored being the tie breakers for seeding.

The sole representative for Cincinnati is the ’75 BRM. The ’76 team missed getting in by 2 games (though some of us would claim that that ’76 team was a superior ballclub.)

6 Responses

  1. Mark in CC

    I think absolutely the ’76 team was better.

    Looking at their list this was a terrible formula to use for picking the best. As defense wins championships in pro football, pitching wins in baseball and there is no component here for the teams that pitched well and maybe didn’t score runs.

  2. Bill Lack

    I agree Mark, bad criteria. For voting, I’m looking at (among other things) run differential.

  3. per14

    In terms of dominating the competition, there are only a few legitimate choices:

    1939 Yankees: Outscored the competition by more than 400 runs. (Scored 967 runs, Allowed 556 runs.)

    1927 Yankees: Outscored competition by 375 runs. (Scored 975 runs, Allowed 599 runs.)

    1906 Cubs: Outscored competition by 320 runs. (Scored 704 runs, Allowed 381 runs.) Mind-boggling record of 116-36. But, of course, they lost the World Series. (Small sample size, ya know?)

    Now, the analysis might change if we look at this in terms of how would the great teams fare when playing each other on a neutral field and in an average run environment.

  4. Glenn

    76 team had better pitching and a better bench than the 75 team.