More links to chew on, prepared by the home office in Little Rock, Arkansas (hometown of one Travis Wood):

–You guys out there in the Nation have been working overtime, as evidenced by the fact that the first two links were forwarded along to me by two of our Loyal Citizens.

–Lots of praise for Drew Stubbs in this piece over at Yahoo Sports. It’s mostly fantasy-focused, but the comparisons made in the piece are intriguing, to say the least. (Thanks, Matt)

–Brandon Phillips told Hal McCoy that he believes he can be the next 40/40 player. Here’s Slyde’s reaction. Here’s my reaction: Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight. (Thanks, Y-City)

Bud Selig says that Cincinnati deserves an All-Star Game. In related news, I say that MLB deserves a good commissioner. Maybe both will happen in the next decade.

–C. Trent has a very good look at the two youngsters who pitched so well yesterday, Travis Wood and Mike Leake.

Walt Jocketty is Pete Rose.

–Mark Sheldon has an interesting piece about Chris Valaika, who is trying to rebound from one bad season that was partially caused by a “silly injury.” Valaika bears watching, even if his upside is as a backup on the major league level.

–At least one scout is very high on Chris Heisey.

DO NOT MISS this Reds preview from Deadspin (tip of the cap to the geniuses at OMGreds). This piece by Will Leitch is the most entertaining thing you’ll read today. Will is a Cardinals fan; here’s what he thinks about our intrepid GM:

The resourceful and extremely motivated leader-in-exile. General manager Walt Jocketty, still angry about being unceremonious booted by the organization he resuscitated and brought a championship to. Jocketty was encouraged to leave by a change in the Cardinals’ strategic emphasis, toward the farm system and advanced statistics, away from waiting for other teams to panic and do something stupid at the trading deadline. He’s still bothered that Tony LaRussa didn’t leave with him, too. Jocketty wants to take down the Cardinals more than he wants to do anything.

That last sentence makes me love Jocketty.

Now, check out this excerpt and give me your reaction:

I’ve spent many, many evenings in Cincinnati, and that town is rabid to care about its Reds again. If they get hot and are close in September, that place will froth into a frenzy. It will carry them.

I’m interested to hear your thoughts about that sentiment.

11 Responses

  1. justcorbly

    It’s a good baseball town, so, yeah, if they’re in contention in September, fans will be enthusiastic.

    That said, how does Leitch know Jocketty is angry at the Cardinals? He doesn’t cite any sources to back up that assertion. He does’t quote anyone. We have no more reason to take the piece seriously than if we ran across Leitch ranting in a bar.

  2. REDS1

    All this stuff is awesome. I hope that the Reds can fullfill that St Louis guy’s worst nightmares. Come on baseball season! We are moving in the right direction (finally). ❗

  3. Sean

    “Hate always wins”. I hope Walt has a lot of hate in him.

  4. Steve

    Lots of great links today. I agree that the Reds fans will come out in droves if the team can show a bit of success in the summer. With all the great young players to come watch, who wouldn’t?

    It occurred to me when I was reading the CNati piece how well-timed the arrival of the young starters has worked out. Leake, Wood and Chapman apparently will move in just as the budget forces Arroyo and Harang out.

    We desperately need to get rid of Baker, though. That’s the key to this team reaching the next level. If the Reds win this year it will be in spite of Baker, not because of him.

    I hadn’t noticed that Bill James had predicted 51 stolen bases for Drew Stubbs. That sure would be nice to go along with Dickerson’s production in LF.

  5. GRF

    I tend to agree with him. There is enough new about this team, and enough of what seem to be genuinely good guys that I don’t think any bitterness towards previosu regimes would carry over.

    I doubt it happens, but boy would it be fun if it did.

  6. Furniture City Red

    I’m more optomistic about this years team than I have been in years…Three biggest concerns:
    – Leadoff spot…Will Stubbs improve his OBP?
    – #2 hitter…What kind of year will Cabrera have?
    – Dusty F. Baker…See concerns 1 and 2 – If Stubbs or Cabrera struggle they will still be hitting 1st and 2nd cause in Dusty’s world your CF’er must lead-off and your SS must bat second.

    On a positive note – Expecting (hoping?) for a break-out year from Bailey and Bruce and for Votto to be in the MVP mix.

  7. John

    “The oft-maligned Dusty Baker loves nothing more than setting fire to young pitchers’ arms and handing 700 plate appearances to short fast men who come to the plate with the bat upside down.” <—- Comedy gold.

  8. Chris

    The Yahoo! article refers to Stubbs as a “gritty centerfielder.” Don’t you have to shave before you can be “gritty”?

    That article is also pretty ignorant in how it tries to paint Stubbs as some sort of hacking OBP sink. Dude’s minor league profile is unusual in how it combined high strikeout AND walk numbers (and little power).

    As for Brandon Phillips, I think the best thing we can all do (for us, and for Brandon) is to ignore everything he says. He talks and talks, but rarely says anything. His words tend to detract from the value he does provide on the field.

  9. Matt WI

    40/40= 40 Outrageous Comments and 40 GIDP. I kid because I love. Have at that goal BP.

    • RedinFla

      40/40= 40 Outrageous Comments and 40 GIDP. I kid because I love. Have at that goal BP.

      Now, that there is the sweetest thing I’ve read in a while. And won’t we all have fun if he’s on track come July or so? 8)