Here’s a Sports Illustrated August 4, 1980, quote from Cesar Geronimo, adding perspective to becoming Nolan Ryan’s 3000th strikeout victim; Geronimo had also been Bob Gibson’s 3000th strikeout victim in 1974:

“I was just in the right place at the right time.” — Cesar Geronimo

Geronimo won four Gold Gloves for outfield defense and was known as a defensive specialist on the Big Red Machine. He finished 25th in MVP voting in 1976 when he batted .307, the only season he batted higher than .281. Geronimo struck out a little more than once every six plate appearances and had a career .325 OBP.

Quote found in Paul Dickson’s book “Baseball’s Greatest Quotations.”

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  1. hoosierdad

    If Dusty had been the manager back then, he would’ve batted leadoff! Not a terrible idea as I would’ve gladly taken Geronimo over WT! Geroimo’s OBP in his 9 seasons with the REDS was .330 with a .261 BA vs. WT .275 OBP with .240 BA his one year here. Of course, one Peter Edward Rose had a .307 BA and .379 OBP with the REDS. As for defense, Geronimo had 35 errors in his 2 decades in the majors, WT has 23 in 6 seasons!

  2. Steve Price

    I suspect Cesar Geronimo and Drew Stubbs will make for similar players over time….good defense, relatively low OBP, speed, and a lot of strikeouts. I tend to think Stubbs has more speed and more strikeouts, and that Geronimo had a better arm.

  3. Plowboy

    Not to mention Stubbs with more power.

    If he can average a strikeout for every 6 ABs, yet does all the other things we think he can, I’m fine with that for 9 years.

    • Steve Price

      Not to mention Stubbs with more power.

      I’m not convinced that power will remain. He had some power in college, but it wasn’t present in the minors, and, frankly he was terrible on the road last year. His power last year was all GABP, and I suspect pitchers will learn to pitch around it. If he gets road power this year, I will be a believer…power in the spring will be telling, too….well, it is Arizona, so may be not.

      At GABP last year….93 plate appearances, .337 BA, .380 OBP, .616 SLP, .997 OPS
      on the road last year…103 plate appearances, .202 bA, .272 OBP, .277 SLP, .548 OPS
      in AAA last year….472 plate appearances, .268 BA, .353 OBP, .360 SLP, .713 OPS
      in AAA 2008…106 plate appearances, ..293, .354 OBP, .480 SLP, .834 OPS
      minors total 2008…548 plate appearances, .277 BA, .371 OBP, .417 SLP, .788 OPS

      I believe the truth lies in his 2009 AAA numbers….

  4. pinson343

    It was a thing of beauty, watching Geronimo glide out there in CF, covering huge tracks of land (as Monty Python would say), seemingly without effort. A strong and accurate throwing arm.

    Bench, Concepcion, Morgan, and Geronimo, now that was defense up the middle.

  5. hoosierdad

    @pinson343: That’s one reason why many were hoping that Janish could bat a little better (and MUCH lower in the line-up). Hanigan, Janish, Phillips and Stubbs (not to mention Bruce in RF and Rolen at 3B) would give the REDS one of the best defensive teams in MLB. The kind of defense that gives pitchers the confidence to let batters put the ball into play ’cause someone will track it down and make an out.