Over at RR, Slyde has given his list of “five things the Reds need to have happen to have a winning season.” It’s a good read.

I agree with his choices, although I might throw “Drew Stubbs needs to get on base at a reasonable clip since he’ll be leading off every night” on the list somewhere.

So, what does your list look like?

4 Responses

  1. Wire to Wire

    1. 1st off we need a true #1 starter. Either Harang or Bailey need to be a clear #1.

    2. Jay Bruce needs to become a Joey Votto and Joey Votto to remain a Joey Votto.

    3. Phillips and Rolen need to keep up their productivity.

    4. Drew Stubbs needs to not have a sophomore slump.

    5. Gomes needs to hit even more HR.

    Bullpen and 5th starter depth should be ok. There seem to be a lot of SP/RP to replace injured players. But we need some starters to be more than good. We need them to be stars. The SS and C positions are going to be mediocre, but as long as they are not horrible I guess that’s ok.

  2. Mark in CC

    1. Jay Bruce needs to hit at least .275 (if so the other number will be there).

    2. Scott Rolen needs to play 130 games.

    3. Aaron Harrang needs 15 wins (other numbers will follow)

    4. Homer Bailey and Johnny Cueto need ERAs under 4.00 and 30 starts

    5. Drew Stubbs needs a .350 on base avg., by the end of May or Dusty needs to pull the plug.

  3. Plowboy

    I’ll go with the idea that if most of the players have career years, even Dusty can’t screw it up.

  4. The Mad Hatter

    1). Jay Bruce and Homer Bailey need to have an entire season that lives up to their potential.
    2). Dickerson needs to win the left field job and by leadoff so Stubbs can bat towards the bottom of the lineup.
    3). Cabrera needs to play SS like he did 4 or so years ago otherwise the 20 or so extre hits he provides won’t make a difference.
    4). a solid number 5 starter needs to emerge early.
    5). Dusty can’t be all Dusty like.