Some of you may have already noticed the new tag in the right sidebar. Redleg Nation is very pleased to announce that we’ve entered into a partnership (of sorts) with the Cincinnati Enquirer.

The quick and dirty version is that the Enquirer will feature RN at their Reds page, giving them more Reds-related content, and Redleg Nation gets a wider audience plus the ability to do some things (eventually) we’ve been wanting to implement (more on this in the future; is that cryptic enough for you?).

What does this mean for you, the loyal citizen of the Nation? Nothing, really. Things aren’t going to change around here. We’re still going to try to have as much fun as we can following this team, whatever that entails. The Enquirer has absolutely no editorial control whatsoever over what we publish here. Period. I’m the only person with that authority, and we’re going to keep on keeping on, as the truckers are so fond of saying.

I am adamant that RN should remain an independent voice for all Reds fans (that includes you and me), so we’re not migrating over to their servers or changing the content. For their part, the Enquirer has been equally adamant that we shouldn’t change a single thing. They recognize what we’ve built here, a site that is professionally-run (except on those days when I get too excitable and Bill has to reign me in) and a community that has developed into a place where people can talk about the Reds without the nonsense that you see in too many other comment sections.

I speak for the editors when I say that we are all very excited about this opportunity. We’re hopeful that this is going to work out for all parties involved. Now, back to the Reds….