John Fay has the pitchers who will work tomorrow’s intrasquad game, as well as Friday’s Cactus League opener. First, tomorrow:

Aaron Harang, Homer Bailey, Enerio Del Rosario, Jordan Smith, Logan Ondrusek, Alexander Smith, Philippe Valiquette, Pedro Viola and Aroldis Chapman will pitch in an intrasquad game on Thursday.

Yep, that will be Chapman’s “debut” of sorts. Can’t wait to see how that works out.

As announced yesterday, Mike Lincoln will start the spring opener on Friday. Matt Maloney, Justin Lehr, Carlos Fisher, Sam LeCure and Jon Atkins will follow Lincoln.

Mike Lincoln, your Opening Day starter! Heh. Seriously, it’d be great if Lincoln figured out how to pitch. He isn’t going to be in the starting rotation, but we can always use more competent relievers. Speaking of which, here’s what Dusty Baker had to say about oft-injured Bill Bray: “He’s been doing good. He had a nice ‘pen yesterday. Things are starting to come together. He’s working on some things, trying to build his arm up without having any setbacks.”

What’s the over/under on number of days before Bray gets injured again? Poor guy can’t stay healthy, which is too bad, because he is a decent lefty when healthy.

Also, as you see above, Justin Lehr will be pitching on Friday, after an outstanding 2009 campaign. Lehr is optimistic. I wouldn’t mind seeing Lehr make the big club, as a long reliever/spot starter. He can help the team in that role.

Lots of pitchers for very few spots. Some of that is going to start getting sorted out once games begin. Should be interesting.

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  1. preach

    Any broadcast of Friday’s opener?

    I, too, hope Lincoln figures it out. His curveball is one of the absolute best in the majors when he’s on.

    I don’t think Bray will make it out of ST without a setback. Hope I’m wrong on that one.

    Oh, boy. Oh, boy. Baseball is back!!!!!!!

  2. Mark in CC

    Game is televised Friday. FoxOhio in daytime, rebroadcast on mlb network at night.

    Lincoln is going to be on the team, due to his contract, so I think it is a positive that he is healthy enough to go on first day. Never know there could be a trade if he does well.

  3. GregD

    I can’t remember the last spring training that the Reds had this few of open spots.

    Harang, Arroyo, Cueto, Bailey, #5.
    Cordero, Masset, Rhodes, Herrera, Lincoln (if healthy), Burton, and a 7th reliever.

    So, just 1 rotation spot and 1 bullpen spot up for grabs? I realize Herrera has options and Lincoln and Burton are not guaranteed locks to make the bullpen.

  4. Andy

    I am excited to see that many quality names for so few spots. I remember not that long ago we were looking at Jimmy Haynes (or insert journeyman pitcher here) as an opening day starter.

  5. nick in va

    I hope Bray can stay healthy. I like his throwing motion.

  6. Bill Lack

    I think Lehr is the #5….JMO. I’ve heard others say Maloney though.

    I can’t see how, after the season he had last year, that Herrera starts the year in Louisville.

  7. nllspc

    I’m not a Bray believer. His legend seems to grow the longer he’s out. IIRC, he refused to pitch inside to lefties and struggled as result. 2008 vs L: K/BB 1.75, AVG .262, WHIP 1.63. If he hasn’t learned to pitch on the inner half to lefties, his + stuff is going to continue to be useless.

  8. david

    I don’t know that Harang is going to be with the team before the season starts. It is likely he will be here, but if anybody gets moved, he seems to be that guy.

  9. Bill

    I thought the inter squad was on Thursday

  10. GRF

    With all the other option for the #5 starter, why have Lincoln pitching as a starter for the first time in forever? The need for depth almost seems greater in the pen. Is it just to get him more innings in hopes he can figure it out?

    And has anyone heard anything on how Burton is doing?

  11. TC

    “What’s the over/under on number of days before Bray gets injured again?”

    No bet.:|

  12. pinson343

    It’s interesting that Dusty is making an optimistic statement about Bray. A couple of years ago, when Bray unexpectedly did not make the roster out of spring training, Dusty said that he needs to learn to keep himself healthy.

    Now things have gotten desperate, Bray’s career (at least with the Reds) is on the line, and Reds’ management is showing some support for Bray. I hope he stays healthy, we can use him.