From C. Trent’s Blog:

On training in Arizona:

    I talked to Justin Lehr a bit about pitching in Arizona, he’s been in several camps out here in his career.

    He said you’ll see monster ERAs from guys during the spring and then they’ll have nothing else. Last year Zack Greinke had a 9.64 ERA in the spring. Lehr noted established guys will just work on their stuff and throwing to spots. If you’re not fighting for a spot in the rotation, you’re working on things. With the elevation and lack of humidity, the results aren’t as forgiving. And then there’s the infield — Zack Cozart said if it’s not just a couple of feet from your right or left, you’ve got no shot.

    He played in the Arizona Fall League and pointed toward Logan Ondrusek who pitched well in the season and got batted around in the AFL, not because he wasn’t good, but just because that’s what happens out here.

I thought this was pretty good stuff….sounds like ST pitching stats may mean even less than usual in AZ.

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  1. Plowboy

    Sorry for being ignorant.

    But what does Cozart mean by “if it’s not just a couple of feet from your right or left, you’ve got no shot.”

  2. justcorbly

    Got no argument with the post, but elevation shouldn’t be a factor. I checked: Goodyear is about 960 feet above sea level.

    Dry? Probably. Today’s humidity is 34 percent, which isn’t bone dry. The Phoenix metro area generates a micro climate for itself, thanks to all the concrete and paved roads and cars. As a result, the humidity is often higher than it would otherwise be. Night temperatures stay higher, too. In the summer, it isn’t unusual to see nighttime lows in the 90’s.

  3. WORLD

    I played an all-star tournament (why was I there?) in Tucson two years ago and I can verify that the fields are basically cement. The tourney was at the Diamondbacks training facilities and was held in October. It was real hot every day and there was not a cloud in the sky. They watered the stadium field each day and night but it was still a billiards table. You definitely wore a cup if you were in the infield in that place.

    Mr. Cozart is very accurate in his description of this situation.

  4. Matt McWax

    And of course you can say the same of the Arizona ST offensive numbers as the hitters will be beneficiaries of the pitching and fielding difficulties. Nice to hear the note about Ondrusek’s struggles being somewhat bad luck, making guys like Leake, who fared better, even more impressive.