Another reason to like Jonny Gomes:

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  1. De_Here

    your mancrush knows no bounds… 😀

  2. hoosierdad

    In a situation like Gomes found himself in, you can either get mad and frustrated at the fans or you can join in and have a little fun. Good for you JG! A tip of the sombrero to you!

  3. hoosierdad

    Are you sure it was Wrigley and not WIGGLY field?

  4. Mike Martz

    Cubs fans have to do something to amuse themselves during games.
    Jonny shoulda wore the sombrero to the outfield for them.
    Jonny showed a ton of class for playing along with the hecklers! :mrgreen:

  5. pinson343


    Jr. and Torre Hunter ad: Who says Jr. doesn’t hustle ?

    I dimly remember a shorter version of the Mattingly/Griffey Jr. commercial. Phil Rizzuto saying “Kid’s got an arm.” – classic.

  6. pinson343

    Shake that booty, Johnny G Good.