Today’s quote comes from the major league player that was on the “smiling side of the scoreboard” more than any other player in baseball history:

“The winning ‘we’ attitude starts at the top of the organization.”–Pete Rose

Quote found in the book “The Wisdom of Old-Time Baseball” compiled and edited by Criswell Freeman.

Smiling side of the scoreboard credit due to George Grande.

6 Responses

  1. mike

    is that really true? I thought the player that was on teams during their career with the best winning record was Maddux.

    While I think Rose is an [email protected]#$% I’m not questioning his greatness here. Is it true that during his career his teams had the best winning %?

  2. pinson343

    Mike, I haven’t done the arithmetic on Maddux’ teams vs. Rose’s teams, but I think the claim is that Rose had the most career games played in which his team won.

  3. preach

    More George Grande references, please. That gets me excited for opening day. yessiree.

  4. RiverCity Redleg

    Pete has played in more wins than any player in history.

  5. david

    That’s an amazing stat. I never realized. It makes sense, but there are a dozen players that came to mind first.

  6. Plowboy

    Geez, what a dichotomy: The biggest winner yet such a loser in so many other respects. Sad, sad.

    I still can’t help but love the guy (sorry, Dan, this is just about the only thing I haven’t agreed with you about on here).

    I love him for what he did for my team, because of how hard he played, AND how much he sincerely loves the game – probably more than any sane human being should.

    Then again, most of you guys on here can probably relate to that last comment.