Hall of Famer Tony Perez is one of the “Big Four” members of the Big Red Machine, an all-time fan favorite, who was known as the BRM’s greatest clutch hitter. He was a great competitor and was the glue of the 1970’s Reds baseball dynasty. He was also a perfect gentleman and a great teammate as noted by Sparky Anderson below.

“I wish every athlete in all of sports, not just baseball, could act like this man. Never once in his career did I see him throw a helmet. He never once threw a bat. He never once made an alibi.” — Sparky Anderson

Sparky was quoted as saying this about the new Hall of Famer in the “Chicago Sun-Times” on January 13, 2000. This quote was found in Paul Dickson’s book “Baseball’s Greatest Quotations.”

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  1. John

    Tony Perez visited a Columbus Lazarus store where my father worked in the late seventies. My father helps him, and then tells Perez that his wife, my mother, is a HUGE Tony Perez fan. Not a baseball fan, but a Perez fan. They talk some, and my father gives Perez our home phone number (again, it’s the 1970’s), and says very sheepishly that it would make his wife’s year if you, Mr. Perez, would call her if you ever get time.
    My father gets home six hours later and asks my mom if she received any calls. She says, “nope.” He says,sadly “Really? No calls?” She says, “nope.” She then says, “well, I did receive a crank call from some jerk claiming to be Tony Perez. Hung up on him, though.”