Last night was the 3rd week of the series (I believe)…first week was Game 7 of the ’75 WS, last week Seaver’s no hitter, last night Tom Browning’s perfect game.

The two things I’ve noticed over anything else are 1) the much faster pace of the games. Pitchers got the ball, and threw it. Batters didn’t climb out of the box between every pitch. 2) How much bigger players look today. The biggest guy on the BRM (of the Great Eight) was Perez, he was 6’2″ 205 (Bench was 6’1″ 208)…now someone under 6′ is a rarity. Pete Rose was 5’11” 200…Cueto’s 5’10” 200.

Next week it’s Game 3 of the ’76 Playoffs and the following week, it’s Game 4 of the 1970 World Series.