Last night was the 3rd week of the series (I believe)…first week was Game 7 of the ’75 WS, last week Seaver’s no hitter, last night Tom Browning’s perfect game.

The two things I’ve noticed over anything else are 1) the much faster pace of the games. Pitchers got the ball, and threw it. Batters didn’t climb out of the box between every pitch. 2) How much bigger players look today. The biggest guy on the BRM (of the Great Eight) was Perez, he was 6’2″ 205 (Bench was 6’1″ 208)…now someone under 6′ is a rarity. Pete Rose was 5’11” 200…Cueto’s 5’10” 200.

Next week it’s Game 3 of the ’76 Playoffs and the following week, it’s Game 4 of the 1970 World Series.

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  1. Drew Nelson

    That game lasted what, like 90 minutes or so, wow what a fast game and wow has Tom put on a few pounds since his playing days. I also forgot how well of a game Belcher pitched a total of 3 hits and 1 run in the game was scored. What was real nice was hearing Joe and Marty call the game.

  2. Andy

    Very disappointing that all the “Classics” are before I was born (1984), or old enough to remember/appreciate the moment.

  3. Dennis

    I would’ve liked last night’s broadcast a lot more if they’d just let the game play and not interrupted it constantly with interviews. Browning didn’t say anything we didn’t already know, and we missed a good three innings’ worth of baseball.

  4. Steve Price

    They also had the game where Pete Rose broke the hit record.

    As for the speed of the game, one of the battles during Game 7 of the World Series was George Foster continually stepping out of the batter’s box on Bill Lee. Lee also worked fast, and Foster preferred to take his time.

  5. BJ Ruble

    I have them all saved on the DVR, going to burn them to DVD one of these days.

  6. REDS1

    BJ Ruble:

    I would be interested in possible copies one day if you are willing.

    I don’t get these classic games where I am.

  7. BJ Ruble

    @REDS1: Yeah, I would happily make copies for any Redleg member outside the viewing area.

    For anyone interested send me a message at [email protected].

    I’ll get back with you after I get them all converted.

  8. BJ Ruble

    Bill, another thing I have noticed watching them is how far off the plate the batters stand. And yes, the game pace is much quicker, and I would say much more enjoyable also.