I’ve come across a book by Paul Dickson called “Baseball’s Greatest Quotations” from which I thought I would share some quotes concerning the Reds. The quote(s) may be from a Reds’ player or manager or about the Reds in general. Some quotes you would have heard before; some you wouldn’t have. If it strikes my fancy, I may even bring something in that’s not about the Reds.

It probably wouldn’t surprise you to know that two of the more commonly quoted Reds are Pete Rose and Sparky Anderson. I’ll try to work others in between them.

Feel free to comment about the quotes; your feelings, your thoughts, how you relate.

For today…from Peter Edward Rose, maybe his most famous quote. Dickson said this is from the “Hall of Fame Collection.” You can decide if there’s hypocrisy or irony involved from the principals (that is, Rose or the Hall of Fame) …

“I’d walk through hell in a gasoline suit to keep playing baseball.”–Pete Rose