7 Responses

  1. Jason in Toronto

    Oh my. Fudge gum and Vic Tayback from Alice singing. Eeeyikes.

  2. preach

    “His nephew Timmy?” For real? Can someone verify that? I half expected Lassie to run across the screen at any moment to rescue Johnny from the fudge bubble (fudge bubble: eeewwww).

  3. RiverCity Redleg

    How did Fudge Bubblegum not make it???? It’s genious!!!

  4. EKyRedsFan

    You know what’s funny, I was on a website the other day just loafing and I saw where it costs between $15-30K to get Johnny Bench to do an appearance, endorsement, or to be a key note speaker. Wonder what it cost Bubble Fudge to get him back in 1979?

  5. TC

    Oh-The-Horror. Glad I was young and impervious to such things. 😉

  6. Dan

    Hilarious and stunning ads! My, how things change.

    I mean, seriously, that Aqua Velva ad was a national ad, I assume. That’s worse than ANY local ad you will ever see these days. Holy cow…

    Thanks, Chad! I kind of enjoyed that. Ahhh, the 70’s… (Born in 1971, I think I was actually just a little too young to remember these.)