On this week’s edition of Redleg Nation Radio, Reds prospect Devin Mesoraco joined Bill for a wide-ranging conversation. Mesoraco, a catcher, was the first-round selection of the Reds in 2007. He discusses draft day, his journey through the Reds system, his strengths as a player, and much more (including a favorable mention of my alma mater). RN really appreciates Mesoraco taking a few minutes for us and we think you’ll enjoy this episode.

(Also, am I the only one who has noticed that Bill’s interviews keep getting better and better? He’s a regular Roy Firestone.)

You can listen with the player at the bottom of this post or right-click here to download the mp3 file to listen at your leisure. For links to all previous episodes of Redleg Nation Radio, check out the podcast’s home page.

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