Only a week to go before pitchers and catchers report to spring training. Are you excited?

To whet your appetite, a few items you should check out:

–It got bumped down the page too quickly today, but I wanted to make sure you checked out the latest episode of the Redleg Nation Radio podcast. Joining us this week is Devin Mesoraco, the first-round pick of the Reds back in 2007.

This. Is. Awesome.

–Mark Sheldon has his spring preview up at (here’s part one and part two). He also has this piece on five guys who are under particular pressure this spring.

–The Reds have signed Kip Wells to a minor league deal. Oh joy. This can only end badly.

I’m all for minor league filler; there are always injuries and you have to have enough pitchers for the minor league rosters. Perhaps I’m being too pessimistic, but I always have a couple of fears about this type of signing, since I’ve seen too much of this nonsense:

1. What if Wells has a great spring and Dusty decides to hand the 5th spot in the rotation to this “proven veteran”? Wells hasn’t been an effective pitcher in a long time, if ever (look at his stats; I don’t know how this guy is still kicking around the big leagues). He’ll lose some games before the Reds cut bait, and this team’s margin for error is going to be slim.

2. What if they stick him in the AAA rotation, possibly bumping a guy like Matt Klinker?

3. Even if he does start the season in AAA, and even if he is in the bullpen in Louisville, Wells is almost guaranteed to be the first callup when the Reds need a pitcher. This despite the fact that Wells has no business on a major league roster these days.

I know, I’m worrying needlessly. Sorry about that. Wells will probably just stay in AAA all season, or get released at some point. No need to worry. Nothing to see here. Just move along.