I’m going to be doing a ’09 review / ’10 preview interview with Matt Klinker next week and thought there might be questions that our readers/listeners might be interested in having Matt answer…

If you’ve got a good question..put it in the comment section and maybe we’ll use it!

UPDATE: Some good questions thus far, but just FYI…I won’t ask Matt questions that answering might get him in trouble with the organization.

3 Responses

  1. matt klinker

    Great questions so far. If Bill asks all these, it might be a long interview, but I’m totally up for it. I will try and give the most honest answer I can for each question, but know that I do have to be politically correct about certain topics.

  2. TC

    It’s way cool you post from time to time, Matt. Looking forward to the interview.

  3. Ted

    Hi Matt,

    What sports did you play in school and when did you really start to focus on baseball and pitching?

    We saw you this weekend but did not get to say good luck in Arizona again, so hey, good luck in Arizona!

    Ted & Michael