From today’s Sporting News Today:

    Working with new Reds pitching coach Bryan Price in Arizona, Chapman already has shown noticeable improvement with his curveball. “He made an adjustment with his hand on top and learned it very quickly,” Reds manager Dusty Baker says. “Bryan said his breaking ball was a lot better than what he had seen on TV. His changeup was outstanding as well. He rarely threw it in international ball because he said a lot of guys sit on changeups and breaking balls. That’s an adjustment he’ll face here.”


    The Reds will be watching his workload. Chapman told Price that he would have “like a week off” all year sometimes. “Bryan says he’s probably ahead of most of the pitchers on our team except the ones who played winter ball,” Baker says.


    Chapman will get some chances at the major league level during spring training, and his performance will determine where he begins the season. “We’re not saying he’s on the club, we’re not saying he’s necessarily going to the minor leagues,” Baker says. “A lot of that depends on what he shows.”

Nothing here but good news.