Some items I wanted to mention, but couldn’t justify a full individual post for each. It’s a link-o-rama!

This makes me happy. This makes me happier.

Basically, these are projections for the upcoming season. The first is Baseball Prospectus, who predicts the Reds will finish 82-80. The second projection sees the Reds winning 86 games. Both projections have the Reds in second place in the National League Central division.

So, yes, I’m happy to see that, but I’ll temper my enthusiasm just a bit. Remember, some projections had the Reds winning 80-85 games last year. I’ll have to check the archives to confirm, but I don’t think the Reds won that many in 2009.

–ESPN’s Keith Law has published his lists of the top ten prospects for each organization, and his list is different from any of the other ones out there. Aroldis Chapman is #1 on the Reds list, and Yonder Alonso is all the way down at fourth.

–If you’re like me, you love bacon. But now’s not the time for that discussion. If you are like me, you also wish you could catch one of the stops on the Reds Winter Caravan. Well, here’s the next best thing: Jamie Ramsey is posting tons of photos from several of the stops. Just go to his blog and keep scrolling down the page.

The Enquirer has also posted a couple of videos, if you’re interested.

–It’s The Baseball Show!