How about some links?

–John Fay talked with Todd Frazier, and then developed that into this piece about Frazier being in the shortstop mix this year. I’ve made no secret that I’m a big fan of Frazier. I think he has a chance of being a pretty good major leaguer.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Frazier as the shortstop-in-waiting. Many of us wanted to see the Reds shift Brandon Phillips to SS, with Frazier at 2B. If it’s true that BP is not going to be a Red for the long-term, as I believe (I think he’ll be traded at some point this year), then it makes sense to leave BP at second, so as not to risk damaging his value if he flops.

Anyway, more Todd Frazier, please.

–Yonder Alonso and Juan Francisco were included in’s Top 50 Prospects list. On Francisco, there’s this:

Although he will probably start the season at Louisville, the Reds are considering Francisco for their vacancy in left field, with veteran Scott Rolen already established at third base.

“If he is not our top hitting prospect in the organization, he’s in the top three,” Reds Minor League director Terry Reynolds said earlier this month. “It’s up to Dusty [Baker] and Walt [Jocketty] where he’ll play, but guys that can hit usually find a place to play.”

Why do I have the eerie feeling that we’re seeing “Wily Mo 2: Electric Boogaloo“?

–Miguel Cairo: minor league roster filler. Welcome to Louisville, Miguel!

Of course, knowing Dusty Baker, I’m afraid that he’ll be in Cincinnati to start the season, and he’ll end up playing way too much. All in all, I’d prefer Jerry Hairston, Jr.

–The Reds are not going to sign Johnny Damon, but the rumor is out there. I just can’t see any scenario where that signing would make sense for this team.