From Baseball Prospectus:

    David Laurila: How would you rate the overall quality of the Reds’ farm system?

    Terry Reynolds: I’m pleased with it. It’s been a situation, especially last year, where we’ve had to promote guys in a hurry, probably quicker than we would have liked for development purposes. The good news is that they have all been able to take the steps necessary and perform pretty well, whether it be guys coming to the big-league club or guys starting in Sarasota and ending in Louisville. In most cases, guys have taken the challenge and run with it, so from that standpoint, things are good. I think that we have a good number of prospects in the organization, and things are, at least since I’ve been here — the things I’ve seen have been positive, so it has been a fun time to be involved with player development and scouting with the Reds.

    DL: Need-based promotions aside, are the Reds more aggressive, or more conservative, when it comes to advancing players throughout the system?

    TR: I would say that we’re probably moderate. That would be the answer, but we’ve had to be a bit liberal with it due to circumstance. When guys get hurt, you have to replace them. Fortunately, because of the depth, we’ve been able to do that for the most part, and I think we’re going to be in a good spot to be able to do it again with the club it looks like we’re going to have at Triple-A. Philosophically, we’d like to give them the time that they need, and be moderate, and when they’re ready, and when there is an opportunity, get them there, but sometimes circumstances prevent that.

In the interview, he goes on to discuss almost all of the Reds “prospects”….it’s a good read.