According to the Enquirer:

Article says it’s basically a signing for 2011 as he’s getting ready to have surgery for a torn ulnar collateral ligament in his pitching elbow. Doesn’t give any signing details (length, amount, etc)…

Walt Jocketty said:

    “He’s a young guy with a power arm,” Reds general manager Walt Jocketty said. “We think he’ll fit in our bullpen when he’s healthy. We’re trying to stockpile those power arms.”

The article talks about his past two seasons with the Angels:

    Arredondo, 25, went 10-2 with a 1.62 ERA in 52 games in 2008 with Angels. He led both leagues’ relievers in victories and opponents batted only .190 against him.

    He slipped to 2-3 with 6.00 ERA last season in 43 games. He dealt with the elbow problems all season.

Since the article says it’s a deal for 2011, I assume it’s more than a one year deal and since it’s a minor league deal, I assume it’s not expensive, so…sounds like a good signing to me.

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  1. BJ Ruble

    Love the move…this off season doesn’t look so bad as it did a month ago…

  2. JasonL

    You know, unless I’m mistaken, I think I can detect a sensible pattern in what the Reds are doing. They seem to be saying, “Look, if everything breaks just right this year, we could be pretty good and maybe even sneak into the playoffs, but, you know, there’s a lot of money coming of the books in 2011 and we’ve got some good prospects who are going to be ready soon. So, really, we’re shooting for 2011. That’s going to be our year.”

    This seem rationale to me, and, frankly, I’m not sure what to think. I’m just not used to rationale from this organization.

  3. pinson343

    I approve too. High upside, low cost. WJ is making some smart moves.

  4. nv

    from what I’ve gathered it is more than one year because now he’s under our team control, so we can take him to arbitration when he is eligible under the league structure. like gomes.

  5. hoosierdad

    Just curious, since he hasn’t had the surgery yet and the Reds picked him up, who pays for the surgery?

  6. JustTheFacts

    These are the kinds of moves that in years past I would think to myself, “why can’t the Reds do this?” I still don’t count the Reds out of it in 2010, but the big picture for beyond 2010 is really starting to look very promising.

    • Travis G.

      JustTheFacts: I still don’t count the Reds out of it in 2010, but the big picture for beyond 2010 is really starting to look very promising.

      Going into last season, I thought the Reds would be surprisingly awful, due to their lack of offense and young pitching. This year I think they can be surprisingly good. At worst, I think they’ll be not good enough, but at best, they could be a playoff team. Not a bad range to work in, especially with a lot of promise for the next couple of years.

  7. Mark in CC

    I would like to know if Dr. Kremcheck is going to be Arredondo’s surgeon on this. That might have helped with this signing. Maybe he is recruiting patients now, which isn’t a bad thing.

    To JustTheFacts: the Reds have made these kind of moves before, especially in the “Leatherpants” days. One example was Grant Ballfour who spent a couple of years rehabbing before they let him get away too early. Seemed there for a few years they were always taking a disabled guy in Rule 5 and then putting him on the DL all year to keep him.

  8. preach

    Arredondo can dominate when healthy. Good move. And I feel better having Dr. Doom doing the surgery after the diagnosis has been made elsewhere.

  9. Steve

    Arredondo was a serious contender to take over the closer role for the Angels after they let FRod slip away. If this is a two-year minor league deal, it’s a complete steal. Sure, some risk, but enormous upside.

  10. The Mad Hatter

    As stated earlier, great upside, low risk. If this type of signing continues for the Reds I might become an optimist about this team’s future. That being said, the Reds will now probably trade Votto to the Mets for Gary Matthews Jr.

    • Travis G.

      The Mad Hatter: the Reds will now probably trade Votto to the Mets for Gary Matthews Jr.

      Have you been reading the comments section at MLB Trade Rumors again?

  11. earl

    Reds have had some luck with reclamation projects over the past years, so maybe we will find a good one here. I hope Jose Arredondo gets healthy and does great.

  12. Greg Dafler

    This is a good, low-risk signing. And further illustration of ways to build a low-cost bullpen.

  13. Glenn

    He seems to have been a great prospect before the injury. Lets hope medical science will make WJ look like a genius.

  14. EKyRedsFan

    No problem at all with this signing. As long as the Reds are committed to keeping him here until he can get healthy (see Grant Balfour), I think this is a great move. Obviously, this guy was a stud and his bad year was most likely due to injury. I just hope it’s an injury he can rehab from 100%.