For those hoping for a late, inexpensive signing of Miguel Tejada for the Reds shortstop position, he was signed today by the Baltimore Orioles. Tejada signed a 1 year, $6 million contract to play third base for the O’s.

Meanwhile, John Fay is reporting that Todd Frazier may get a look at shortstop during Spring Training. There’s absolutely no harm in giving him a look there. Frazier played SS in college and in his first two years in the Reds organization, 2007-2008.

As for short? It’s pretty much Paul Janish. Jocketty mentioned Adam Rosales, Drew Sutton and Chris Valaika. Then he said: “Frazier will probably play there some, too.

“We’ll go in spring training and let them fight it out,” Jocketty said. “I like competition. I was talking to Dusty (Baker) the other day. He likes it too. It brings out the best in guys.”

But Jocketty thinks the field is pretty much set for both (LF and SS) spots, i.e., don’t expect any free agents signings.

“We’ve talked to different agents,” Jocketty said. “Nothing is pending. Nobody’s dropped into our lap.”