A quick stroll around the interwebs….

—-Looks like the Reds are around $70 million in payroll so far. I’d be surprised if they added much more to that total before Opening Day, but then, stranger things have happened.

–The Reds sent a scout to watch Ben Sheets throw.

–Will Joe Nuxhall win the Frick Award this year? I hope so, but I’m skeptical.

–The Padres, they love ’em some Hairstons.

–I had intended to post a link to this Baseball Prospectus interview with Reds senior director of scouting Chris Buckley. It’s focused mainly on the Aroldis Chapman acquisition, and it’s a great read.

–Jamie Ramsey has plenty of good stuff at Better Off Red. Just keep scrolling.

–They’re impressed with the Reds in Baltimore. I guess, in comparison to the Orioles…..