Our buddy Doug over at the indispensible Reds Minor Leagues has posted a terrific interview with Zack Cozart.

I’ve seen Cozart play a few times, and I have been impressed. He’s a slick fielder with a good arm. If his bat continues to progress, he could be the shortstop of the future in the Queen City.

Zach Cozart at bat

Zach Cozart (Photo: Chad Dotson)

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  1. JustTheFacts

    He’s got a lot more proving to do. I wasn’t all that impressed with his interview, and I’m not thrilled with a 2.65 professional batting average and a 746 OPS. He also made 23 errors and had a .959 FP. Fangraph doesn’t have a UZR stat that I can find.

    Everyone keeps saying he’s the SS of the future. Maybe he is, I’ve never seen him play. But according to the stats and interviews I read, I’m just not sold.

  2. JustTheFacts

    Pardon me… .265

    Chad, I’ll have to defer to your judgement.

    • Chad Dotson

      JustTheFacts:Chad, I’ll have to defer to your judgement.

      Always a good policy. :mrgreen:

      I’ll take his hitting numbers and plate discipline out of a shortstop. As for his defense, he didn’t have a great year overall, but the organization is very high on his defense, and the scouting report on the guy is that he’s going to be a plus defender at the ML level.

      Plus, when I’ve watched him, I’ve been very impressed with his range and his arm. Sure, it’s subjective, but there you go….

  3. hoosierdad

    Cozart said all the right things and sounds like a fine young man. What bothers me is his age against other minor league players. He has usually played against players a couple of years younger than him. That having been said, this year should tell alot about what the young man is made of. Hopefully, he can turn the corner.

  4. Tom Diesman

    No guarantee his bat will be much better than what we already got in place really.

    Janish 1702 .261 .351 .382 733
    Cozart 1064 .265 .336 .410 746

    These two can swing it better, but don’t pick it as well

    Rosales 1662 .289 .364 .491 855
    Valaika 1672 .290 .339 .440 779

    If anyone ever figured out that Phillips could be an all-star SS also, we could have a look at this guy, or any of the two hitters above at 2B.

    Sutton 1157 .280 .378 .442 820

  5. RiverCity Redleg

    Valaika and Sutton can both be viable 2b/3b pos players in the ML

  6. JustTheFacts

    On Sutton:
    Yeah, I’m sold. For some reason I wasn’t impressed with him when he was traded to the Reds, and I didn’t like him filling in so much toward the end of the year. When I saw him play, I liked his aggressive style, but he went 0-for that night and I saw him make what I thought was a throwing error on a routine play that got scored as a Votto error.

    However, I think now I just got him on a bad night. His defensive stats are insane. AND, he has shown that he can hit at every level, so I think his bat will greatly improve this year. All in all I really like the two young IF utility players.

    Between the starters, utility guys, and monster prospects at AAA, the IF talent and depth makes me gitty.

    On Janish:
    I’m still hoping Janish is the SS of the future. He’s a good guy with an excellent attitude, hard worker, and he’s a GG caliber defensive SS. I believe he’s smart and disciplined enough to put it together at the plate sooner rather than later. If he had a 70/75 OPS+ then heck, as far as I’m concerned you can pencil him in for the next 5 years. I really digg the farm system right now, but I’m not necessarily looking for the next best thing coming up at all positions. I followed Janish while he was going through the system, and there just isn’t a SS on the farm that excites me as much as Janish excited me while he was coming up. When it comes to SS, I think the future is on the field.