John Sickels writes the annual prospect book that I look forward to the most. His book is due out in February, but in the meantime he has been discussing his top 20 for each team for the past couple of months. Thursday, he posted and commented on his Reds list.

Aroldis Chapman tops his Reds list with an A- grade. Of the Reds players who were in the organization a week ago, he has Todd Frazier rated highest with a B+ grade, slightly ahead of B+ Yonder Alonso.

He also has a poll and community discussion on where Aroldis Chapman should start the 2010 season. Through 1090 votes, 45% have voted for AA. 30% for high-A Lynchburg. I agree that starting him in A+ would be the safe approach. Let him spend 1-2 months at a level that, while it may be too low of a level for his fastball, will give him a good opportunity to have immediate professional success while trying to adjust culturally.

Of course, how his pitches look against other professionals in spring training could easily alter those plans.