With anywhere from three to seven inches of snow expected for the Greater Cincinnati area over the next 24 hours, it might seem bizarre to think that in a little over a month the Reds will be opening their Major League spring training camp.  It seems like everyone wants to know if I am going to get invited to big league camp.  As of yet I have not been, so therefore I assume I will not be, but it is only speculation at this point in time.  Players should be receiving report instructions within the next week or two.  Regardless of when I report, I look forward to getting out to our new facilities in Arizona, preparing for the season, and competing to win a job.

2010 is going to be a great year for sports.  Winter Olympics in Vancouver, World Cup in South Africa (with another former Furman Paladin, Clint Dempsey playing midfield for team USA), the openings of Target Field (Minnesota Twins) and Meadowlands Stadium (New York Jets and Giants), and the World Equestrian Games coming to our back doors in Lexington.  The one thing that a new year or new season provides is a fresh start, a clean sheet, a restored hope.  I anticipate the optimism Reds’ fans generate about this time every year is rewarded in 2010.

The reality in having your sheet wiped clean is that last season is over.  The statistics and accomplishment I achieved last season might go on the back of my baseball card this year, but if I cannot start right where I left off, those numbers fail to provide any utility in terms of my future development.  My hope is to use last season as a springboard to have another quality season.  I am not sure at what level I will start the season, there are too many outside variables to take into account.  The only thing I am concerned with right now is my overall physical and mental condition when reporting to Goodyear.

Thank you for all the positive articles, posts, replies, feedback, etc. from last season, whether it was on this site or another, I have probably found it.  My hope is to continue to refine my skills and most importantly, keep my arm healthy for the duration of the 2010 season.  As my college coach loved to say, “You can’t make the club in the tub.”