I received both for Christmas and finished “The Machine” already…and am reading “Game Six” right now…

Enjoyed “The Machine“…but believe I found at least one error..I don’t believe Waite Hoyt was on Reds Radio in the ’70’s…it went from Al Michaels to Marty along with Joe. He might have done TV for one season, but I don’t think he did radio.

Thus far, “Game Six” (and I’m only in the bottom of the first) seems like the Red Sox are the heroes and the Reds are the villains.

In Game Six, they say that Sparky campaigned hard for the Reds to get Joe Morgan (pg. 43), but I thought I read the opposite in “The Machine”…that he wasn’t in favor of the deal when it was made. Anyone remember what was said in “The Machine”?