Joe Nuxhall is again one of the 10 finalists for the Ford C Frick Award. Joe earned one of the three fan-nominated spots for the 3rd consecutive season.

Voters are asked to base their selections on the following criteria: longevity, continuity with a club, honors — including coverage of the World Series and All-Star Game — and popularity with fans.

Of the ten finalists, Joe has the second longest career (second to Billy Berroa), the longest tenure with one club, and been fan-nominated in each of the past three Decembers. Prior to this year’s facebook-only vote, Joe had received the most fan votes in 2007 and 2008. And this year’s nomination process received very little attention in traditional Cincinnati media outlets.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote in December! Hopefully this will be Joe’s year!

8 Responses

  1. Bill Lack

    I don’t see Joe as an example of broadcasting excellence, though I enjoyed him for many years. But by the Frick’s definition of what they’re looking for…he is long overdue for winning this award and enshrinement.

  2. Mark in CC

    Sometimes I think the number of Hall of Famers on a team hurts the next best deserving candidate. As an example Davey Concepcion is probably hurt by Morgan, Perez, Bench, Anderson (and even Rose). It probably doesn’t help Joe that Marty is in.

    Is there any other broadcasting team where both members are in? I know Red Barber and Vin Skully did some games together but they made their names separately.

  3. hoosierdad

    Joe made the game fun to listen to. Even when the Reds were losing a game big, you had to stay tuned to the radio just to catch the funny stories he would tell.

  4. RiverCity Redleg

    At the risk of blasphemy, Joe was a terrible announcer (esp later in his career). But I loved to listen to him b/c he sounded like a true fan. To hear him in the background yelling for a ball to get out of the park is my favorite .

  5. BJ Ruble

    @RiverCity Redleg: I wouldn’t say he was terrible. His calls were not always great, but he was entertaining and fun to listen to. But I agree 100% on him yelling for those to get out…I loved that more than anything! I miss Joe so much…

  6. GregD

    Yeah, Joe wasn’t a broadcaster by training or education. Most color commentators are not. A unique aspect of this award is that there is no (cited) criteria for technical skills. Based on the criteria listed, Joe has earned the award.

  7. Luke Price

    I believe that Joe should get the Ford . Frick award. He is one of the most entertaining announcers in Reds history.