(P.S. We are really enjoying Christmas morning in the Dotson household. This is the first morning that we’ve had electricity in exactly a week. The power went out last Friday, during the raging snowstorm that blanketed the east coast. Our lights didn’t come back on until last night.

This has been an ordeal. I’m not cut out for this Little House on the Prairie nonsense.

Anyway, hope you are enjoying your time with your family. I am.)

15 Responses

  1. brublejr

    Merry Christmas, and to the editors thank you again for having this site and the outstanding work you guys put into it.

  2. RedinFla

    Glad your power’s back on! We were without power for a week after Hurricane Charley, but it’s way different when it’s freezing cold outside.

    I’m thankful for Redleg Nation too. :mrgreen:

  3. preach

    Season’s Greetings to all. Redleg Nation is a valued part of my day. Thank you all for your time and insight.

  4. Mike in Louisville

    I concur ..What preach said …. Great site for us Reds fans !

  5. BenL

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and thanks again for this wonderful site.

  6. Dave in Corbin

    Merry Christmas, everybody. And thanks to everyone that makes this work. Here’s to a great new year for the Redleg Nation.

  7. hoosierdad

    Merry Christmas to all! Thanks to all at Redleg Nation (and the commenters) whose efforts make this such a great site.

  8. RedinFla

    Hey —
    Did any of you view the candidates for “2009 Play of the Year” on Reds.com? It’s a nice little diversion, reminded me of some of our successes from last season.
    I was surprised at the voting…what do you think?

  9. GRF

    Merry Christmas all, and thanks to everyone for all the hard work and great comments on this site.

  10. Zblakey

    Happy Holidays to everyone. I am enjoying reading my Reds Christmas present – “The Machine”

    Many thanks to everyone that contributes to this site, it is much appreciated!

  11. JustTheFacts

    Let’s all hope for a Redder new year.

  12. RiverCity Redleg

    Happy holidays to everyone and thank you, Chad, for making this my one stop shop for all things Reds!