The LA Times is reporting that the Dodgers are interested in Aaron Harang. Hat tip to Lance.

The Reds are asking for one or two players on the Dodgers’ major league roster in return.

The Dodgers would want the Reds to pay for a portion of the $15 million Harang would be guaranteed if he is traded.

Anyone on the Dodgers roster that you are interested in? If they aren’t talking about Furcal, Martin, Kemp, or Ethier, why bother?

I think Harang would excel in Dodger stadium next year. He would benefit from throwing in a pitcher’s park, and he would get the run support that would flip that 6-14 record to a positive.

I’m not all that enthused that the Reds would have to include money in the deal, but without knowing who the Reds would receive in return, it is hard to evaluate the monetary exchange.

UPDATED for the Bronson Arroyo-Mets rumor (8:55pm): Thanks to Steve for posting the link to the Mets-Arroyo rumor earlier today.

“If Mets just wanted (Bronson), the deal might have been done already,” said one baseball official familiar with the talks. “Mets are also discussing one, maybe two other players with Cincinnati.” He refused to disclose the names, but the early speculation in these parts is that the Mets may have a player under contract that needs to be moved in order for the deal to be expanded.

Here’s the Mets 40-man roster. If the Reds are looking at a swap of major league players, it doesn’t appear to be as good as a match as a potential Dodgers-Harang trade.