The Reds declined to tender a contract to Jonny Gomes for the 2010 season, making his return to the team in 2010 unlikely.

“I was really surprised,” Gomes said on Saturday. “When I was non-tenured by the Rays in 2008, I wasn’t surprised. This time I was.”

Gomes hit .267/.338/.541 and 20 home runs in part-time play with the Reds. He was one of the Reds most effective hitters against left-handers, hitting .307 with a .369 OBP against lefties.

Gomes sounded unhappy:

“It’s not like I was breaking the bank,” said Gomes, who signed a 1-year deal for $600,000 last season….

“I definitely loved my time there from the fans at the ballpark to the management and the players,” Gomes said.

Go read the entire article, and we’ll close the book on the Jonny Gomes era in Reds history. I enjoyed watching the guy play, even as the Reds screwed around with him at the beginning of last season.

Here’s hoping Gomes lands on his feet in a situation where he can thrive. That’s not going to be Cincinnati, so I guess it’s time to retire the sombrero: