Mark Sheldon and John Fay and C. Trent are busily pecking away on their keyboards, but you have to feel sorry for them since it’s quite clear that the Reds aren’t going to do anything of note during baseball’s winter meetings. You have to wonder why Walt Jocketty even bothered going to Indianapolis. What a waste of time.

Only item of slight interest — other than the re-emergence of Leatherpants — was this one:

As for arbitration-eligible outfielder Jonny Gomes, there was no sign that a deal was imminent.

“We met with his agent today. We’re still a ways apart,” Jocketty said.

There is a Saturday deadline to tender an offer to Gomes. If he is non-tendered, Gomes would become a free agent.

So there you have it. Winter Meetings Fever: Catch It!