So what’s going on?

Bring Barry Back!!! Barry Larkin should be the manager of this team.

–The Reds handed out their team awards; actually, the Cincinnati chapter of the baseball writers voted on them. All were reasonable (Pitcher of the Year, Good Guy Award: Bronson Arroyo; minor leaguer: Chris Heisey) except for one.

Reds MVP? Brandon Phillips. Of course. The baseball writers who didn’t vote for Joey Votto should (a) have their credentials revoked and (b) apologize personally to Votto. What a joke.

–OMGreds recaps Redsfest in their own inimitable fashion. I particularly liked this part:

The Reds Blogging Community
What a great group. Redsfest was a chance for all of us to be in one place and get a chance to meet one another face-to-face. The nice thing about our little community is the support we all have for one another. There’s alot of respect and camaraderie in our little world, we’re all pulling for each other’s success, and of course for the success for the team we all love (and hate sometimes!), The Reds. It was great to meet folks from Red Reporter, Redleg Nation, Better off Red and to Tweet around with all the other Reds blogs and fans out there. Oh and that C Trent guy too.

Indeed. Couldn’t agree more.

–The Reds are showing some interest in Jamey Carroll. No thanks. I’d have been interested a decade ago, but at this point, I would prefer Adam Rosales and Drew Sutton as utility infielders.


Cincinnati native and longtime broadcaster Paul Keels has been named the new play by play announcer for the remainder of the Reds schedule. Both broadcasters will team with color analysts Chris Welsh and Jeff Brantley on FOX Sports Ohio’s Reds telecasts beginning next spring.

I think the Reds only have 7 or 8 spots still open in the broadcast booth, so they’re still hiring. I’ve never seen anything like this.

They should’ve stood pat and let Jim Kelch get as much airtime as possible. Kelch is great.

–Doug rounds up the latest from around the minors. Lots of interesting info there.

–Let’s get on the campaign trail for Barry Larkin.

–This is great. RHM has uncovered a, ummm, passionate report about Joey Votto from years ago.

–RHM also has a slideshow from Redsfest. Clearly, she is more motivated than I when it comes to uploading and posting pictures.

–Oh, goodness…with snow on the ground outside, this is exactly what I needed to hear.

–A great “Friend of The Nation,” @AmyPerry04, snapped this picture of me playing poker with Carlos Fisher at Redsfest. I’m wearing the red shirt and the prematurely gray hair.