As you may know, the winter meetings are underway in Indianapolis. I don’t expect much Reds-related news to emerge from the meetings, but there is always chatter.

Even though there is really nothing to report, I’m impressed that C. Trent and Mark Sheldon were able to craft very interesting stories recapping day one of the meetings. That’s why they’re the pros, I guess. Plus, they added in nuggets about the “bureau of reclamation” and “90210”.

Good stuff.

3 Responses

  1. Steve

    Ah, you can tell baseball is right around the corner, what with Baker already trying to snow us about Willy Taveras. Baker said today in his interview:

    “Willy wasn’t the Willy we’d seen on the other side. Willy’s legs bothered him. He didn’t hit like he’s always hit.”

    Let’s review Taveras’ extensive career:

    2005 – .291/.325/.341
    2006 – .278/.333/.338
    2007 – .320/.367/.382
    2008 – .251/.308/.296
    2009 – .245/.275/.285

    Baker makes it seem like Taveras has a long history of being an excellent hitter, with last year being an anomaly. In fact, 2009 was basically the same year as 2008 for Taveras. Taveras has only ONCE had an OBP above .333 – which is really, truly terrible for a lead off hitter.

  2. wanderinredsfan

    While it’s true that Taveras on the whole kinda stinks, that season in 2007 was surely in the back of Walt’s mind when they signed Taveras. If Taveras could manage a .320/.360/.380 line with 50+ steals, I’m sure none of us would be upset with Taveras as our center-fielder and lead-off hitter. It was just a bad gamble on Taveras producing numbers like 2007 rather than the reality of his true regression.
    The thing is, I also think Taveras is much better than his 2009 season. I think Taveras is more likely a .270/.330/.350 hitter. Even so, this is still not good enough to warrant starting him over Stubbs.

  3. Drew Nelson

    I really have to believe that whomever chose this site as the location for the WM is an idiot. I live here in Indy and would not pick this place in Dec to hold meetings. Come on, last year they were in vegas and someone said, this place is just not fun enough, lets try Indy? I mean I am still shocked we are getting a SB, but why would GM’s want to come here? With that said, I wish I had the time to go and down and see Sweet Lou and some of the other managers here also and maybe see what if any players show up. They picked a great week, it’s only in the 20’s and ice and snow coming….