Happy Thanksgiving all, from your friends at Redleg Nation.


(Tip of the cap to RR for reminding us of this classic Thanksgiving humor.)

11 Responses

  1. The Mad Hatter

    As God as my witness, thanks for that bit of Thanksgiving humor.

  2. Steve

    Not since the Hindenberg tragedy (or Willy Taveras) has there been anything like this.

  3. brublejr

    This never gets old, I love seeing it every Thanksgiving….

  4. RedinFla

    We watched it last night! Enjoyed the Buckeye News Hawk Award winner a great deal.

  5. JasonL

    Logged onto the internets this morning to see that Toronto signed A-Gon. So, they’ll have the same left side of the infield the Reds were supposed to have last year. I bet that works out about as well for them as it did for the reds.

  6. hoosierdad

    Showed the clip to the wife and kids last night. The boys (I have 5) had never seen it. My wife and I had told them about it several times, though. Thought my wife was gonna have an accident laughing so hard! Thanks for posting it!

  7. RedinFla

    WKRP is a better alternative than pretty much everything on TV these days*
    — especially if you have kids.

    *With the obvious exception made for baseball… 8)

  8. pinson343

    I didn’t watch WKRP much, but based on this I’d say it’s a funnier and superior forerunner to The Office.