I’ve mentioned it here before, and I’ll mention it again (I’m sure), but Barry Larkin is my favorite Red of all time. I think he needs to be brought back to the Reds in some capacity (Manager? George Grande’s replacement on the television broadcasts?), and we’ve even devoted a category to that.

As you probably know (we’ve mentioned it several times), Larkin is going to be a candidate for the Baseball Hall of Fame this year, for the first time. The consensus is that he won’t make it in, which I think is disgraceful.

In another brilliant post, Joe Posnanski (author of this book and subject of one of my favorite podcast interviews) discusses Larkin’s Hall of Fame chances within the context of some players who are becoming eligible for election this year. It’s a must-read.

Posnanski is going to vote for Larkin, he says, but he lays out the reasons why he thinks Larkin’s support will be lukewarm, at least in the beginning. I agree with everything he writes, but I think it’s a shame that Larkin will have to wait to be inducted. And yes, I’m clearly biased on this particular point.