I spent the weekend out of town and away from the television, but I DVR’d the Arizona Fall League futures game. I’ve only watched an inning thus far (saw Chris Heisey hit a homer and Yonder Alonso get gunned down trying to stretch a single into a double), so I haven’t seen 2009 first-round draft choice Mike Leake take the mound yet.

However, OMGReds warns me that I’m going to love this kid: he’s rockin’ the stirrups. I knew, from watching Leake in the College World Series, that he wore his pants like that at Arizona State. Good to see him continue that while wearing a Reds uniform.

Redleg Nation isn’t going to rest until every Red is wearing stirrups again.

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  1. Doug Gray

    Chad, you are cracking me up with the stirrups! It was a good game for our boys so watch it tonight.

  2. Chad Dotson

    Yeah, I am going to finish it tonight. I actually forgot to set my DVR until I saw your tweet about it (so I set it via my phone, thanks to that sweet DirecTV feature). So thanks!

  3. Dan

    In that photo on OMGReds, with his high socks and baggy pants, he looks like he could be from about 1966! I like it — good look.

  4. broadwaydave

    man, seeing those stirrups tell me all i need to know about this kid. it takes a pair of cojones to wear’em like that these days. this kid is old school and tough. i just gotta feeling he’s going to turn out to be the steal of this year’s draft.

  5. Chad Dotson

    So, I just watched the game and I came away very impressed with all three: Chris Heisey, Mike Leake, and Yonder Alonso.

    I had seen Heisey play in person before, and I’d watched Leake in college…still nice to see those guys in crystal-clear HD. Honestly, I can’t believe either of those guys are very far from the majors. Even money that both play in Cincinnati in 2010.

    Yonder Alonso is just studly. He has such a great approach at the plate. Alonso will be a favorite of the sabermetric crowd.

    I’m guessing he’ll have a huge breakout year in 2010…the Reds might wanna consider dealing him sometime next year. Some teams will be drooling over him, and a smart deal might net the Reds a part that will help.

    • GregD

      Chad Dotson: I’m guessing he’ll have a huge breakout year in 2010…the Reds might wanna consider dealing him sometime next year. Some teams will be drooling over him, and a smart deal might net the Reds a part that will help.

      If his breakout year happens this year, is it a given that you trade Alonso and not Votto?

  6. brublejr

    @Chad Dotson: The more Heisey continues to hit, the more I think he is in the Reds plans for next year, maybe to start the season. I think Leake is a year away or a couple of major injuries away. You have to love the kid though, and I still think he was the second best pitcher in the draft.

    If Alonso will be a fav amongst the SABR crowd, does that mean he will be hated by the common fan who only listens to WLW? 🙄

  7. Doug Gray

    Nah bruble, because Alonso won’t strike out 80 times a year, much less 180 like a certain other guy we used to have.

  8. broadwaydave

    @GregD: i think so. if we are in the race at the end of july, alonso’s going to be the guy to bring us the biggest return as far as getting what we need to bring it home. of course, if we are not in it, i think we start shedding salary like crazy and then what happens with alonso, i don’t know. the reds have a real position crunch coming up in the next year or so. it’s going to get real interesting.

  9. broadwaydave

    mike leake is very, very close to being major-league ready. he has excellent control over 4 above-average pitches and he is a hell of a competitor. i wouldn’t be surprised to see him start the year at AA Carolina and then move his way up quickly. if the reds are not in the race in september, i could see them calling him up and giving him a couple of starts late in the season.

  10. Travis G.

    I really would like to see Votto spend some time in LF during spring training. I know he’s done it before, but it really gives us some roster flexibility (Alonso or not) if he can shift over there sometimes to open up first for someone else.

  11. RiverCity Redleg

    Chad, you have my 100% undivided support to bring the stirrups back to the Reds! Honestly, I would be satisfied if they at least wore the high socks, and those with actual stirrups would be added bonus. Bottom line, the long-pant look must go and I will complete any assignment you give me if it means accomplishing this agenda. Come up with a plan, Chad, you have the support, make it happen!!

  12. Tom Diesman

    @RiverCity Redleg: Yes! We must have at least the high socks, with stirrups as the preferred bonus. We must do away with the pajama bottom clumping on top of the spike uniform pants. Act like a team and dress the same.

  13. pinson343

    Vada Pinson was always meticulous about his high socks.