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  1. Matt B.

    The link isn’t working for me, but the URL text gave it away. I wonder who will pick him up.

  2. brublejr

    I would be surprised if he didn’t go back to Boston on a lesser deal.

    • pinson343

      brublejr: I would be surprised if he didn’t go back to Boston on a lesser deal.

      He played well for the Red Sox, they might be interested in keeping him around as a reserve SS.

  3. RedinFla

    brublejr: I would be surprised if he didn’t go back to Boston on a lesser deal.

    Yeah, that’s what I expect –

    And good to see your smilin’ face, Y-City..

  4. Glenn

    Gonzon will be back with the Sox next year…a little lighter in the wallet.

  5. per14

    How about another a-gon? Adrian Gonzalez? He’s cheap and available. Move Votto to left. Of course, it will take a lot to get him.

  6. Dan

    @per14: ??? Why would we trade for another very good left-handed-hitting first baseman? We already have too many of those.

    I think the only acquisitions for us that make sense (unless we trade some people away) would be

    –catcher who can hit

    –shortstop who can hit

    –starting pitching (you can never have too much)

    –LF (only if he can hit a lot better than Gomes/Dickerson)

  7. Dan

    Atlanta has too many good starting pitchers. (Nice problem to have!) Also, both of their closer candidates from last year (Rafael Soriano and Mike Gonzalez) are free agents.

    I wonder if they could take on a contract:

    Cordero for Kawakami?

    Kawakami is signed for 2 more years for $13.33 million.

    Cordero is signed for 2 more years for $24 million (really $25 million if you include his $1M buyout for 2012).

    I still think we could use one more dependable arm in the starting rotation. Kawakami got no buzz whatsoever, and he’s pretty clearly the Braves’ 6th best starting pitcher now… but still, he pitched 156 IP for Atlanta this year with a 3.86 ERA and a 1.34 WHIP.

    I’d love to get him and I can’t help but feel like the Braves undervalue him.


    There’s no true #1 ace there, but there’s also no real weak link either. I’d like that rotation a LOT. If we could do it and also shed a little salary, I’d be all for it, personally. $12 million closers are for fools (and rich teams).

  8. Dan

    By the way… looking ahead to 2011… both Harang and Arroyo have options for that season. We need to be gearing up for potentially not picking up either option, and putting together a solid starting rotation that might not have either Harang or Arroyo in it.

    Cueto-Bailey-Volquez-Kawakami would be a good start in my mind, for 2011.

  9. per14

    Well, Alonso and Votto both can’t left. One of them has to be moved to the OF and I think it’s pretty obvious that only Votto can play OF. Gonzalez is signed for two more years at about 5 mil per year. Why not go get him for 2010, let Alonzo keep developing throughout 2010, and then maybe flip A-Gon after 2010 (possibly for a starting pitcher)? The fact is that it’s going to be hard to find a better LFer nfor ext year unless they are a little creative.

  10. per14

    sheish…sorry for the lack of proofreading. Meant to say Alonso and Votto both can’t PLAY FIRST BASE.

  11. Jose

    Dan, We’d have to be complete morons to trade a top tier closer, for a back of the rotation guy whos had one DECENT season, Kawakami was on my fantasy team for a short while, and he was wayyyy inconsistent.

  12. Dan

    @Jose: In my book, a good 160-inning guy is more valuable than a great 65-inning guy any day of the week. Especially when Masset seems ready to step into the closer role.

    If I can also save $6 million per year over the next two years… sign me up.

    In fact, “complete morons” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about paying 1/6th of your team payroll to a reliever pitching 65 innings a year. Even if he’s very good, that is a waste. Proven closers are way way overvalued in my book.

  13. Matt Steele

    I’m somewhat sad about this though, given the condition of his son and the escalating financial costs for his family.

    Hope he finds a place somewhere

  14. shane

    Do we know if Votto can play left field? I don’t follow the minor league stuff so I don’t know if he has any experience in left or not, or if he’s any good there. Does anyone know?