Back in August, we looked at and discussed the potential 2010 Reds outfield. We will soon get to see how the Reds’ plans unfold for next year’s team. As we wait for November moves to begin, let’s look at other areas of the Reds club.

How would you structure the 2010 rotation? It would seem to be one of the easier areas on the ballclub to address:
– You have the potential for four solid starters in Harang, Arroyo, Cueto, and Bailey
– There should be someone internally who can fill the 5th spot: Owings, Lehr, or Maloney
– Kip Wells is gone as a free agent
– Wood and Lecure are on the 40-man roster, but start the year in AAA; Wood is a good spring away from pushing the #5 spot
– Ramirez was moved to the bullpen this year and may not stick on the 40-man
– Thompson is frequently injured and I would also move him to the bullpen to see if he can be a late inning reliever

There’s been some talk of payroll relief, and rumors of trading Arroyo or Harang in the final guaranteed year of their respective contracts. If they truly want to compete in 2010, I think they have to keep the four they have and either bring in a potential high reward guy like Rich Harden or take a look at the recently released Noah Lowry.

What else could or should the Reds do with their rotation next year?