Redleg Nation…

Batter strike outs: guess the all-time Reds leaders in striking out alphabetically, by surname, for each letter from A-Z. Remember, these aren’t the pitching leaders, it’s the batters who have struck out the most, and only during their time with the Reds.

Oh…remember, for the first time a pitcher almost won a letter when we were talking about the major league leaders. Could pitchers’ be lurking underneath the murky surface this Halloween week? I’m not saying it’s so, but I am saying it could be….Good luck!!

–Career strikeouts (batter) by alphabet (MLB)
–Career stolen bases by alphabet (MLB, Reds)
–Career doubles by alphabet (MLB, Reds)
–Career RBI leaders by alphabet (MLB, Reds)
–Career batting average leaders by alphabet (MLB, Reds)
–Pitching Strikeouts by alphabet (MLB, Reds)
–Career homers by alphabet (MLB, Reds)
–Pitching wins by alphabet (MLB, Reds)