Doug has begun counting down his top forty Reds prospects. The first installment is here; be sure to check out Doug’s website daily for the rest of the list.

Second installment
Third installment (And one that will hold particular interest for RN fans)
Last installment

After he has revealed the entire list, Doug is going to join us on the podcast to discuss the top forty.

5 Responses

  1. Shane

    Right Drew, and all those other teams get by without them and yet we absolutely positively have to have them and can’t win with out them

  2. Shane

    Duh, obviously the ones without good hitting c’s/ss’s

  3. shane

    OK, let’s say Juan Castro was hitting .280 and 15 HRs, who would you rather have at SS, Castro or Janish?

  4. shane

    @Dan: My point is that Janish’s defense makes up for some of his offensive deficiency. I’d rather have him in there, with his ability to get to balls that others couldn’t, his abilty to turn a DP that others might not, and his arm, than some guy that doesn’t have those abilities but can hit .280
    Hell, his arm alone is worth a few batting % points

    Then of course we can always rely on him to pitch in a pinch 😀

  5. Alan Horn

    It’s kind of catch 22. You have to play them for them to develop. Davey and Ozzie didn’t turn in the hitters they became by sitting on the pine. True, it’s not a high percentage thing to happen but it does happen. There comes a time when you
    have to call the experiment a failure and pull the plug when it isn’t working. As a long time player and coach(around 55 years), I am appalled at the lack of defense today that goes along with that high octane offense. They are far too many
    skillet gloves/butchers on defense playing in the MLs today versus the old days. The DH helped contribute to this. I will
    will forever remember Deion Sanders running over in the LF corner and waiting for a fly ball and getting hit on top of the
    head. We had Encarnacion who couldn’t throw the ball anywhere near 1B. Adam Dunn in LF. It goes on and on throughout the
    majors. You didn’t see so much of that in old days plus the players were more fundamentally sound(i.e. base running mistakes etc).