Next game…Reds doubles leaders (most doubles during a player’s time with Cincinnati) alphabetically by surname, A-Z (there’s no X).

There are some new names this time… good luck.

–Career doubles by alphabet (MLB)
–Career RBI leaders by alphabet (MLB, Reds)
–Career batting average leaders by alphabet (MLB, Reds)
–Pitching Strikeouts by alphabet (MLB, Reds)
–Career homers by alphabet (MLB, Reds)
–Pitching wins by alphabet (MLB, Reds)

7 Responses

  1. hoosierdad

    How about Driessen instead of Dunn (kinda slow), Sabo, Foster? If not Casey, Leo Cardnas?

  2. hoosierdad

    Oester sounds like a good candidate for “O”. The
    “A” has got me stumped.

  3. hoosierdad

    The “E” has got to be either Esasky or maybe Encarnacion (sp?). I’ll vote for Dimitri Young for the “Y” just cause I can’t think of any other “Y” off-hand. I think career BATTER strikeouts might be kinda fun. Dunn’s gotta be one of the leaders in that category.

  4. hoosierdad

    Gotta go with Esasky or Encarnacion for E leader. How bout Frank McCormick for M?

  5. hoosierdad

    The only other “E” I can even think of (outside of Eastwick, lol) is Johnny Edwards. He was the catcher before JB, but I can’t believe it’s him. How about another hint?