Yes. Next question, please.

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  1. Sultan of Swaff

    And he should have at least 3 more gold gloves. Ozzie Smith was coasting on reputation.
    Barry was the most complete player I’ve ever seen.

  2. Jimmy

    Pfffft. Barry couldn’t start/turn the double play efficiently enough, and he tried too much to make impossible plays ending up with an error. Good hitter. Good leader. Great defensive shortstop is not what I saw with my Red loving eyes.

  3. Dan

    Really? FIRST BALLOT? The best of the best, all-time?

    I don’t know…

    Could someone drum up a list of all the first-balloters of all-time? I have a feeling Barry Larkin isn’t going to really fit into the elite caliber of that list.

    HOFer, yes. I just don’t know about first ballot.

  4. Dan

    Trivia: What was Larkin’s FIRST number that he wore with the Reds? And who was wearing #11 at the time?

  5. JasonL

    First of all, I think it silly to say a player deserves to be in, but not on the first ballot. Second, Barry is, when you look at the numbers, Barry is pretty clearly in the very top tier of shortstops ever (retired division). Honus Wagner seems to be obviously number 1 to me, but after that you can make arguments. There’s Ripken, Ozzie, and Larkin and a few others, If you press me, I’d honestly take Larkin over any of them bu Wagner. Lots more offense than Ozzie (no, Ozzie’s D does not make up for the 29 point gap in OPS+). Much better glove than Ripken. He really was a very complete player. The only real knock on him is that he was hurt a lot. That’s legit, but when he was on the field, there really wasn’t anyone better at short since about WWI. That says first ballot, no doubt to me, though, I am afraid the voters won’t agree.

  6. brublejr

    He is a top 5 SS of all-time. No issues with character or suspected of any kind of enhanced performance in an era full of it. If he isn’t a first ballot HOF’er in from this generation I don’t know who is. 😀

  7. brublejr

    Larkin has been underrated his whole career. At first he was overshadowed by Ozzie Smith and his defense. Then he was overshadowed by the new generation SS of like Alex Rodriguez and their offense. He has always been a complete player and if he doesn’t get in 1st ballot it is because some sports writers refuse to put anybody in 1st ballot.

  8. pinson343

    Barry should get into the HOF with no problem, but I’m afraid it will take a few years. The problem is that the balloters go so much by career totals – I don’t mean OBP or OPS (that would help him), I mean total hits, HRs, RBIs. Here is where his injury history hurts him. Also for career HRs and RBIs, some writers will say not so great by the new standard for SSs.

    I disagree with an above criticism of his defense. It did decline in his later years, but in his youth his range and smoothness were comparable to anyone’s. And yes he did deserve more than 3 gold gloves, the last 2 that Ozzie won were a joke.

    If Barry doesn’t get in and then Vizquel does, I’ll go a little crazy.

  9. Dan

    @RiverCity Redleg: Great baserunning and great bunting are “tangibles” in my book. I do remember Barry going from 1st to 3rd on a wild pitch when the catcher sort of loafed after it, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Really made the catcher look like a dope, which I thought was perfect.

    In terms of clubhouse leadership though… really? Didn’t he supposedly have a hand in undercutting McKeon and getting him run out of town?

    I’m not saying he isn’t HOF-worthy. I’m just saying I don’t remember him being revered for great leadership. I thought he was seen as aloof, if anything, and if that McKeon story is true that’s downright crappy.

  10. jason1972

    Being book-ended in his career by Ozzie Smith on one side and the A-Rod era Shortstops on the other will hurt his chances.

  11. Redsfanx

    One of the alltime best. Too bad he got involved in team politics with Bowden or else he’d still be with the Reds in some capacity, maybe as manager.

  12. shane

    preach: and was never a clubhouse distraction

    True, its not really much of a distraction when the captain of the team is begging to be traded. That really pumps the rest of the team up and makes them want to play their best.

  13. shane

    Ok, pertaining to “the early 90’s”, I agree with you.

  14. Shane

    He begged to be traded several times. Look it up

  15. Dan

    I don’t remember now what led up to it, but I definitely remember Marty ranting about how Larkin didn’t deserve to wear the captain’s “C.” (Maybe Larkin said he didn’t want to wear it?)

    Anyone remember this?

  16. pinson343

    Yes Larkin wore an “H” patch on his cap (or somewhere) after Harris was traded.

    Toward the end of his career, the guy spoke his mind, especially when the Reds were in contention and did not make a move (at least not a good one) in 2002.

    I liked the way he would teach (try to, anyway) young players how to play SS, even when they were competing for his job. He took Felipe Lopez under his wing, for example. Ozzie Smith was not so kind to Royce Clayton, to say the least. Yet Ozzie is associated with the smily face.

  17. pinson343

    Overall I think Larkin was a class act. Back when Marge Schott was embarrassing the Reds, reporters would try to get Larkin to dump on her, hoping to get a story. He refused to say anything negative about her, and defended her more than once. He liked it that she brought in some good free agent players.

    (Too bad she and Bowden ruined our farm system, but that’s another story.)

  18. Shane

    except for those “black eye” statements maybe